Data Destruction

data destruction

Data Security is the number one concern of businesses and consumers alike.  In this internet age, information can readily be hijacked and used inappropriately. Identity theft and information- based fraud are the fastest growing crimes in the US.  MRK Group Ltd provides services covering hard drives and other media devices as well as paper.

MRK Group Ltd works with you to protect your organization and your customers’ privacy through our on-site mobile hard drive shredding service which provides a reliable, secure and environmentally friendly way to dispose of hard drives and other media containing devices.  All shredded material is recycled responsibly.

Our team travels to those who demand the tightest chain-of-custody and increased security of sensitive data. At no time are your drives in our possession left unattended.  MRK Group Ltd provides a detailed audit report, recording serial numbers of all drives.  In addition to computer hard drives, we shred tapes, DVDs, cell phones and copier hard drives on-site.

Shred for all the right reasons! MRK Group Ltd provides document destruction services.  The vast majority of organizations SHRED – FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS:

  • To PROTECT their customer’s privacy and prevent IDENTITY THEFT
  • To OBEY LAWS, requiring shredding
  • To PROTECT their employee’s privacy
  • To PROTECT their company and shareholders by safeguarding proprietary trade information

Shredding Facts

IDENTITY THEFT and information-based fraud are the fastest growing crimes in the US
The US Supreme Court ruled that you give up ownership of information when it is casually discarded

Because of new laws, investigative reporters are increasingly looking to the dumpster as a source of “easy to find” headlines

Your organization must comply with the laws and regulations, requiring that it protect certain information when it is discarded.An increasing number of laws actually require organizations to shred or face stiff penalties.

At the Federal level, HIPAA (healthcare) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley (financial) require specific physical safeguards, such as shredding, to meet compliance.  Stiff penalties could result if not met!

Whether your customers are consumers concerned about Identity Theft and Privacy, or companies concerned with protecting trade information, you are entrusted with information that they consider to be extremely confidential.

In fact, whether you know it or not, you have an “implied contract” to protect that information simply based on the fact that you are collecting the data to conduct business.They have a legal right to expect you to take every precaution to protect it, including shredding it before it is discarded.

Why Use An Information Destruction Contractor?

  • Employees are more productive when focused on their core responsibilities
  • Safety – even small machines can cause injury if they grab clothing or accessories
  • Reduced capital and employment expenditures
  • Employees are most likely to realize the value of discarded company information
  • Company information such as payroll, legal  and employment issues, and correspondence should not     be exposed to most employees
  • In-house shredding will not handle large volumes and may prompt employees to circumvent the destruction process