Lease Recovery

Value recovery

Let MRK Group Ltd take away the worry from you when your equipment lease is over.

If there is one thing you don’t need in your busy schedule, it is to worry about things that don’t add to your bottom line, increasing your business sales. Why re-arrange your staff to handle jobs that aren’t part of your business? Let MRK Group to this for you.

We offer the following Lease Recovery Services which should take care of all of your needs at a reasonable rate:

Control your whole Lease Recovery process from start to finish!

  • Schedule Shipping and Logistics from your location to ours.
  • Provide Storage space for your ongoing and special one-time needs.
  • Clean, Test and Repair your equipment to meet original lease requirements, eliminating charge backs.
  • Track, Pick, Pack and Ship to your Leasing company, your Divisions, or to you.
  • Manage your End-of-Life projects.
  • Provide Temporary Staffing for your End-of-Life or Lease Recovery Needs!

MRK Group Ltd has the facilities and manpower needed to help you return that Leased equipment and end those payments!