MRK Group Ltd can process virtually all electronics including laptops, computers, servers, printers, network gear and handheld devices.  Computers have a useful lifetime of only 2-3 years in business settings and 3-4 years for home users. Because most computer and electronic equipment contain hazardous materials, they need to be handled properly. CRTs (cathode ray tubes) contain between five and eight pounds of lead. Circuit boards contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other hazardous materials.

Approximately 70% of the heavy metals (including lead, mercury and cadmium) found in landfills come from electronics. These heavy metals can contaminate groundwater and pose other environmental and public health risks, not to mention PR nightmares for companies who let their equipment be processed irresponsibly.  Many other materials used in computers such as metals, glass and plastics can be recovered and used again to conserve natural resources.  With the advances in processing techniques and development of recycling markets, there is never a need to send electronics to a landfill.

MRK Group Ltd refurbishes computers that are less than 3 years old for remarketing. Hard drives are completely wiped prior to any sale in conformance with DOD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 guidelines.  Older models and non-working equipment are disassembled for recycling and resold as parts.

Printed circuit boards are evaluated for integrated circuit recovery and sent to smelters for precious metal recovery.

LCDs are prepped for remarketing if conditions are favorable.  CRTs are stripped of all metal and plastic. Glass tubes are shipped to either glass mills or lead smelters. Plastics are sorted where possible and recycled.